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Vecchio Magazino Doganale

Abracadabra - Old Customs Warehouse

Abracadabra - Old Customs Warehouse

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Sometimes, as we know, things arise in an unexpected way, we could say...magical!

This was the case for “Abracadabra”, a liqueur that brings with it the history of the first barters carried out in the old customs warehouse at Giocondo, where the first agricultural tools were exchanged for liquorice roots.

Even today, the "magic" has meant that in the botanical garden of "Martorano" there is an abundance of liquorice, a reason that pushed Ivano to create a liqueur that retraces old memories, and which was born thanks to the ancient ancestral method of boiling the defibration of the roots, subsequently squeezed.

An infusion of roots cut into squares is prepared separately in alcohol, and magically everything takes shape, giving a natural, authentic product rooted in time.

A liqueur that confirms the excellent path undertaken by the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale.

The visible color is strictly natural. The scent on the nose is enveloping, and immediately takes you back to the roots of liquorice. It enters the mouth with a dense, enveloping sip, characterized by a taste in which liquorice is once again the queen of the scene.

  • Alcohol: 25%

  • Format: 0.5l

  • Service temperature: 14/16 °C

  • Time to taste it: Conversation

  • Tannico's opinion: 83pt

  • Type: Bitter and Liqueur

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