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Bosco Liquori

Amaro Silano package with two glasses

Amaro Silano package with two glasses

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Amaro Silano is the result of the skilful mixing of passion and secrecy with a recipe that has always remained faithful to the original one from 1864 found in the archives of its creator Raffaello Bosco.

The aromatic herbs of Sila, through a process of slow maceration, transform and blend their aromas, giving life to a bitter with herbaceous and bittersweet nuances which however retains all the digestive and beneficial properties of the plants from which it is born.

Type: Bitter

Color: Intense brown

Smell: Intense, hints of herbs and aromatic roots

Taste: Full and aromatic

Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Format: 70 Cl + 2 glasses

Service: Enjoyed neat or with ice

Pairings: Desserts or ice creams

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