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Vecchio Magazino Doganale

Bergamot - Old Customs Warehouse

Bergamot - Old Customs Warehouse

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The “Fantastico” Bergamot Liqueur is another of those products that Ivano, mastermind of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, dusts off from the ancient recipes of Maestro Giocondo.

Yes, because Giocondo himself used to collect bergamot, moving south of the Vecchio Magazzino for about five hours of walking, armed with a heavy cart.

Even today the recipe follows that of Giocondo, and gives life to a very interesting liqueur, which is enhanced even when served slightly cold or, why not, even when mixed.

At sight it tends slightly golden, with a totally natural color.

The nose is dominated by bergamot, which second after second wraps the nose with elegance.

It enters the mouth with a precise, full, fresh and tasty sip.

  • Alcohol: 32%

  • Format: 0.7l

  • Service temperature: 14/16 °C

  • Time to taste it: Conversation

  • Tannico's opinion: 85pt

  • Type: Bitter and Liqueur

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