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Aiello coffee 250g

Aiello coffee 250g

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Vacuum-packed ground meat 250 gr

There Classic Blend it is an evergreen of the proposals of Caffè Aiello , which satisfies different preferences and satisfies the most demanding palates.

  • Strong personality;

  • Unmistakable tones of a full-bodied coffee;

  • Pure and sweet aroma.

A full, intense and decisive taste to make every single coffee break magical

The Blend: The version proposed by Caffè Aiello for the Classic Blend contains all the facets of Robusta , a type of coffee so called due to the resistance to diseases and insects of the plant from which it derives. Precisely thanks to the robustness not only of the plant, but also of the beans, the Classic Blend has:

  • a strong, spicy and chocolatey flavour , greater body and an unmistakable aroma;

  • a particularly energetic drink , as the percentage of caffeine contained is included between 1.7% and 3.5% 

  • an excellent quality coffee , prepared only with carefully chosen and selected raw materials.

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