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Terre Nobili

Cariglio - Terre Nobili

Cariglio - Terre Nobili

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IGP Calabria - Red

The grapes and the vineyard

In the owned agricultural company, which extends for approximately 36 hectares in the municipality of Montalto Uffugo, we have identified and selected a territory which possesses, in terms of exposure, position and composition, the ideal characteristics for the production of a great Magliocco.


The techniques in the vineyard, including summer thinning of the bunches, are all aimed at limiting production to between 1000 and 1100 grams of grapes per plant. The bunches are individually selected by expert eyes and hands before starting the vinification which involves, among other things, a 20% bloodletting and a long maceration period.

The wine

Very deep ruby ​​red color with violet reflections. On the nose it is intense, persistent, broad with hints of blackberry and ripe cherries and juniper berries. The flavor is savory, warm, pleasantly astringent, full. On the aftertaste: balanced tannic vein and fruity and spicy notes.

Technical data

Sweet Magliocco, 100% canine Magliocco
Production area
Montalto Uffugo
Vineyard altitude
350 meters above sea level. Land type
basically clayey. Alcohol carried out

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