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Vecchio Magazino Doganale

Diamond, Cedar Water - Old Customs Warehouse

Diamond, Cedar Water - Old Customs Warehouse

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The label of the Acqua di Cedro “Diamante” Liqueur clearly and prominently bears the words “family heritage”.

Yes, because the recipe for this one-of-a-kind product was born precisely from the art and ability of Maestro Giocondo - former owner of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale and expert in fruits, herbs and spices.

The great peculiarity of the "Diamante" lies in its drinkability and freshness which, at times, recall that of water, in which the absence of the heat which usually comes from alcohol is noted; on the nose the cedar stands out, the protagonist element of the bottle.

Perfect to be consumed at the end of a meal, or during moments of meditation.

Transparent to the eye.

The combination of aromas on the nose recalls notes of bergamot and, above all, cedar, which are then enriched with more spicy and fruity touches.

It enters the mouth with a drinkable sip, which does not reveal the alcohol content present, and which develops with an enveloping and satisfying taste.

  • Alcohol: 25%

  • Format: 0.7l

  • Service temperature: 14/16 °C

  • Time to taste it: After dinner

  • Tannico's opinion: 84pt

  • Type: Bitter and Liqueur

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