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Molino Bruno

00" flour

00" flour

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00 flour produced from selected soft grains of good strength, good elasticity and liquid absorption, mixed to guarantee a wide versatility of the finished product in its various uses in bread-making and pizzeria, pastry making and the production of fresh egg and water pasta.

It is suitable for doughs with sourdough and brewer's yeast with medium leavening times (homemade bread, loaves, cutters, rolls, taralli, shortcrust pastry, sponge cake, sablè dough, plated pizzas, pan and focaccias with medium leavening times, pasta traditional with egg and water).

Nutritional values:

Energy 344 Kcal 1461 KJ

Fat 0.44% of which saturated 0.10%

Carbohydrates 75.60%, of which 1.40% sugars

Fibers 2.20%

Proteins 11.50%

Salt 0.005%

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