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Molino Bruno

American flour

American flour

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Flour 0 produced from selected US soft wheats ( Manitoba and/or Northern Spring ) with very high protein content of excellent strength, excellent elasticity and absorption, withstands prolonged and repeated leavening and is ideal for the renewal of mother yeasts.

For its elastic resistance characteristics and its protein content It adapts to multiple uses but it is ideal for the production of all types of pizza, puffed sandwiches, sweet and savory croissants, puff pastry and brioches with varied processes, panettone and pandoro, colombe, egg and water pasta.

Nutritional values

Energy 336 Kcal 1427 KJ

Fat 0.52% of which 0.10% saturated

Carbohydrates 68.80% of which sugars 1.40%

Fibers 2.90%

Proteins 15.00%

Salt 0.005%

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