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Molino Bruno

Wholemeal flour

Wholemeal flour

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Wholemeal flour produced by milling 100% certified Italian soft wheats from organic farming , retains all the characteristics of the wheat grain in its entirety, being the product of the integral reduction of the raw material without any waste ("whole body").

Keeping all the bran parts. Very rich in dietary fiber and mineral salts It has an intense flavor and can be used in multiple processes exclusively or mixed with other flours both in bread making and in pizzerias and pastry shops. Also suitable for making pasta.

Nutritional values
Energy 343 Kcal 1459 KJ
Fats 1.76% of which saturated 0.40%
Carbohydrates 69.65% of which sugars 2.20%
Fibers 8.40%
Proteins 12.70%
Salt 0.005%

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