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Molino Bruno

Flour for Cakes

Flour for Cakes

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00 flour produced from selected soft wheats with high protein content , excellent strength, excellent elasticity and absorption, ideal for processes that require rapid growth during cooking with the formation of large cavities thanks to the high extension capacity of the gluten.

It is suitable for different uses and long leavening times ( special bread, rosettes, rolls with butter and other fats, fried desserts, cream puffs, plum cakes, Kraphen, brioche, stuffed and rustic pizzas, baking trays and focaccias with medium/long leavening times, traditional wholemeal pasta egg and water ).

Nutritional values

Energy 336 Kcal 1427 KJ

Fat 0.52% of which saturated 0.10%

Carbohydrates 68.80% of which sugars 1.40%

Fibers 2.90%

Proteins 13.50%

Salt 0.005%

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