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Vecchio Magazino Doganale

Frack - Old Customs Warehouse

Frack - Old Customs Warehouse

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The Amaro “Frack” is born from a unique and secret recipe, formed by the union of three different blends – previously prepared – and separate infusions, all processed fresh.

The "life" of the infusion is preserved with an exclusive technique of the "Vecchio Magazzino Doganale", i.e. the thermo-refrigerated one, which distinguishes the entire range of products made here.

Coming to the specific description of the three blends used, the first, particularly complex, gives a bitter taste; the second gives roundness, and the third is finally composed of a base of Calabrian wine fortified by unique spices and "botanicals".

The total production process of "Frack" occupies a 12-month cycle, at the end of which the Amaro, completely natural - and strictly contrary to current fashions, as Ivano Trombino specifies - is ready to brighten your evenings.

It comes in a shade that recalls that of mahogany. The nose is full of intersecting sensations, from fruity to spicy, also passing through balsamic hints.

It enters the mouth with a full sip, characterized by a taste that aligns with the aromas already perceived during the olfactory examination.

  • Alcohol: 24%

  • Format: 0.5l

  • Service temperature: 14/16 °C

  • Time to taste it: After dinner

  • Tannico's opinion: 82pt

  • Type: Bitter and Liqueur

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