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Tomato puree with basil

Tomato puree with basil

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Sauce for Amateurs is a tomato puree produced according to a processing method that is handed down from generation to generation. Excellent quality Calabrian tomatoes, carefully selected and processed within a few hours of harvesting, cooked very slowly to ensure a high density of the final product.

The high quality of the raw material allows us to avoid the use of citric acid. Without seeds and peels, but with a wide cut capable of providing greater adhesion to the pasta and a better yield.

The addition of fresh whole leaf basil ensures an even fresher and more lively flavour.

Without salt, therefore, perfect for people who suffer from hypertension. Gluten-free, therefore useful for celiacs.

Furthermore, it is a certified vegan product. Ideal for any type of sauce.

Ingredients: Tomato 99.4%, basil 0.6%.

Net Weight: 680g


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