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Dried Hot Chili Pepper

Dried Hot Chili Pepper

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Whole dried chili pepper "Cayenne" variety

Chili pepper is rich in provitamin A and vitamin C and has antiseptic, digestive and vasodilatory properties, which is why it is traditionally recognized as a natural "APHRODISIAC".

On average the spiciness is around 15000-30000 (scoville units)

Usage tips:

  • For a more intense aroma, crush the whole chili pepper in a mortar or in a special grinder.

  • Finely ground cayenne pepper is ideal for both cold and hot dishes.

  • In hot dishes it is advisable to add the cayenne pepper only at the end of cooking to regulate the spiciness.

  • In cold dishes, for example spreads and dips or salads, it is advisable to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the dish just before serving. It gives the dish a decorative look.

  • Never fry cayenne pepper in hot oil. The toasted aroma that is created produces a very bitter taste

Ingredients: Chili pepper

Nutritional Values: Energy 1339 kJ/ 320 Kcal, Fats - g, Of which saturates - g, Carbohydrates - g, Of which sugars - g, Proteins - g, Salt - g

Format: 20g

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