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Black Calabrian Susumelle 300g

Black Calabrian Susumelle 300g

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MONARDO Susumelle Calabresi 300g

Honey covered in chocolate

They are typical Calabrian desserts that are never missing from the table during the Christmas period

Typical Calabrian dessert with candied fruit and sultanas

INGREDIENTS SUSUMELLE NERE: "00" type wheat flour, glucose syrup - fructose, candied fruit, sugar, sultanas, honey, margarine (non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats [80%], fats (coconut), oils (sunflower) , water, leavening agent (ammonium bicarbonate), natural flavourings.

Coating: sugar, fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernel), low-fat cocoa powder (16%), emulsifier (E322 sunflower lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring.

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