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Vecchio Amaro del Capo package with two glasses

Vecchio Amaro del Capo package with two glasses

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Symbolic product of the Caffo distillery, it is among the most famous liqueurs based on herbs , the result of an ancient Calabrian recipe reworked, revisited and corrected by the same family for four generations.

Vecchio Amaro del Capo contains the active ingredients of numerous medicinal herbs, flowers, roots and fruit, all natural and coming from Calabria, infused in the finest alcohol to accompany digestion and give a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Bitter and sweet orange, liquorice roots, chamomile and juniper are just some of the components, known precisely for their tonic properties , for a delicate and gentle taste that can match even the most delicate palates.

Bronze color with good transparency with coppery reflections.

On the nose it expresses intense aromas of medicinal herbs, orange and juniper berries, as well as aromatic herbs and a slight pungent note of alcohol, a note that we also find when tasting, in a pleasant context, decisive but delicate at the same time and full of returns herbaceous and citrusy, towards a long persistence.

Awards :

- Gold Medal 2010 (Brussels World Competition)

- Retailer Award 2021 (Brands Award)



FORMAT: 0.70L + 2 Glasses

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